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Commission pricing

Sat Nov 5, 2011, 10:18 AM


Please keep in mind if the list grows so will the waiting time. To ensure  good quality than please no rushing. I take a lot of care and effort when painting each piece. Please do not have unreal expectations on the time the painting will be done. Thank you! :D

My rules and such:

*** Prices will depend on your desire on clothing. Ex: Your own style or if you would like me to create a clothing   concept for you.***
*** Prices will be adjusted depending on desired complexity ****
*** Paypal only ***
*** Must be paid in full up front. I will give you my paypal info after accepting your request ***
*** No claiming as your own or selling!***
*** Non commercial use for regular commission types. If you are looking for commercial use then please           specify.***
***I have the right to decline an offer***


My prices:

$10-$50 depending on complexities and how many characters
lishia by JenniferHealy Derailed Porcelain by JenniferHealy

All Grey-scale paintings-

Simple grey-scale portrait: $50 (May be more depending on complexity and details requested)
Portrait by JenniferHealy

Simple grey-scale halfbody: $70
Sylverin by JenniferHealy

Simple grey-scaled fullbody: $100 (May be more depending on complexity and details requested)

These include simple backgrounds. If you want
a full background please give the details and I will
let you know the additional fee

All colored paintings-

Portrait: $100-200 (Price will depend on complexity and details requested)
Lithium by JenniferHealy Golden Lie by JenniferHealy

Halfbody: $120 - $250 (Price will depend on complexity and details requested)
Eva by JenniferHealy  Soul Made of Glass by JenniferHealy

Fullbody: $150 - $300 (Price will depend on complexity and details requested)
Paramnesia by JenniferHealy  Farouche by JenniferHealy

Full backgrounds will be an additional fee and will depend on complexity
Extra characters will double price and will depend on complexity


Note me with your request titled Commission

I need:
Your email address.
Type of commission
As much detail as possible. Colors, accessories, important features,
type of clothes, etc.


If you have questions or would like to discuss a concept before commissioning me please note me~

(Gallery of completed commissions:…)


Wed Oct 12, 2011, 2:42 PM
Very happy to say I got a 3rd DD! That always makes for a good day! Not too much has been going on with me. I did get a character concept offer but I'm not allowed to say much about it. I will be picking up some more commissions on my waiting list as well. I would like to start saving up for one of those shiny new cintiq 24HDs :drool:
I also wanna say thanks to everyone who watches me and favs my art. I appreciate your support so very much!! :tighthug:

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The magazine

Tue Sep 6, 2011, 1:31 PM
Issue 74 of ImagineFX finally showed up in the mailbox! It might just be me but everything always comes late when I'm super excited about it. At least it is here now :dummy:…

1. :iconpurple1980: (Finished)
2. :iconjadelullaby: (Finished)
(Commissions are closed. Just taking care of the lovelies that were on my previous waiting list <3)

1. :iconceressiass: (Finished)
2. :iconrlacrouse: (On hold till I get back from vacation)

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Thu Aug 25, 2011, 4:08 PM
:la: So excited to announce that I will have 6 paintings in EXOTIQUE 7!! This makes me so incredibly happy. :la:

Pieces that made it:

Evelyn by JenniferHealy Ribbons and Deceit by JenniferHealy Victoria by JenniferHealy
You are by JenniferHealy Innocent by JenniferHealy Poisoned Lullaby by JenniferHealy

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Color Scheme Designer

Wed Jul 13, 2011, 1:13 PM
I love ImagineFX for bringing this to my attention …:

ALSO. I've really been getting into this tumblr business lately. Love being able to post my WIPS and sketches there as well as inspirations. Also I get to see other wonderful artist's and their WIPS/inspirations as well! If you guys would like to see my sketches and WIPS and such please check it out!

Commission waiting list:
1. :iconjadelullaby:
2. :iconchewingcotton:
3. :iconpurple1980:

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Eeeeeee a DD!!

Sat Apr 16, 2011, 9:48 AM
WOW A DD!!! This made my day! I'm pretty stunned :heart:

On another note~ I'm accepting commissions again… :>


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