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March 21, 2010
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Disassemble by JenniferHealy Disassemble by JenniferHealy

this was nerve wrecking to paint. Still.. Feels pretty good to have it finished. I like how it turned out! Not sure whether I should put this under sci-fi or fantasy .-.

WIP: [link]

Face reference: [link]

Thank you all for your lovely comments and critques!

by My Free Copyright [link]
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Ok, Ok. so im sittin here. takin it all in....

Alright! so, overall, first glance, looks amazing. color, depth, flow, everything. great. She looks very real ane the expression is believable too. looks a little sassy, but a bit.. confused? like shes about to say "excuse me?!" haha.

If you widen your view and look int her eyes, shee looks like she is gaving into space... not really looking at anything. just a thought. literally.

Only problem i have w/ it is... in the top right corner. i see her hair just drift off into the abyss. the whole piece feels complete, yet up here (and a small space in the bottom right) its just flat and blank. I would like to see her hair bend around her head or fade smoothly.

The metal designs holding her hair look fantastic. they look like they are home-made, which is great. adds depth to it.. emotional depth. and the placement on her face compliments her features too. (as does her hair). great job w/ the shinies on them too. well placed and executed.

From a personal standpoint, not a critique sense, i like to see dark dones mixed in. for instance, in the back of her hair under her chin, i woulda like to see a much darker orangeie brown. i say that cuz the shadows cast by the metal are darker than the shadows cast by her own face/hair.

While talking about shadows... they are too... linear w/ their mother-shape. On a wavy hair structure they would bend and caress the flow of her hair. i mention this because once you realize the shadows appear to be on a flat surface, it takes you out of the "reality" of the painting. I realize that can be tough, especially on hair, but your extremely talented. Rather than being lazy, it seems you may have just overlooked this property. :) i forgive you!

Vision 5 stars: you took a simple stock photo and created a whole world with it simpl;y by adding a few creative elements.

Orig 4 stars: used a reference, so you lose a point there, but changed pretty much everything. great interpretation.

Tech 5 stars: face looks smooth and full. hair looks flexible and sexy. the metal is shiny and i can see the craftsmanship (which is amazing btw). fantastic.

Impact 3.5: im tempted to rate higher, but the corners and the flat shadows tear me from this beautiful world you deviously constructed. dont get me wrong, its grace is unmatched, but the little things are the ones you gotta watch for.
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:heart: Excellent work! Its like you went from intermediate to professional overnight!

I think using the reference was a great boost for you here. Even the most experienced artists use references, so keep it up!

I agree with Murdurah about the corners. Instead of fading to the burgandy, try defining the edge of the hairline and making the backdrop a dark hazel green. This will bring your subject forward and give her more depth because its a nice complimentary colour to the orange-reds you've got throughout the piece. Like there's something going on around her.

As always, excellent work with the jewelry! I think the gems on her nose and lips could use a little more definition, but that's just nitpicky.

All in all, beautiful piece, excellent proportions and very interesting character. My favorite part is probably at her chin where you've got some subsurface scattering. I'm very excited to see this new direction in your art! :heart:
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